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It is our hope if you consider to be one member of HELIOR company. Please send your CV to us if you are interested in one of below jobs.
   Administration & Management
   Sales & Marketing 
1. Marketing Specialist
  Recruit Number: 1
  a.Responsible for international market exploitation
  b.Manage the whole process from project guide to contract signing and    ensure project quality
  a.Flent in one of foreign languages, such as Russian, Spanese, ect.
  b.Fluent in communicating and writing with English
  c.Knoweldge on computer skill
  d.Frequent travel abroad is required
   Research & Development
1. EMC Design Engineer
  Recruit Number: 1
  a.Responsible for the establishment of EMCtechnology application    system.Practical knowledge on related software and test tools.
  b.Establishing EMC design process of product and training high level EMC    design and test engineers.
  c.Principle responsibilities include: leading technical activities and    teams,design and validation of power electronics circuits and system.
  a.Over 5 years experience in EMC design/test.
  b.Fluent in English.
2. Firmware Engineer
  Recruit Number: 1
  a.Develop firmware with design team. Support qualification testing.
  b.Practical knowledge of power-conversion hardware design is required.
  c.Key skills: embedded C/C++, TI DSP Assembler, microcontrollers, RTOS.
  a.Over 3 years experience in EMC design/test.
  b.Fluent in English.
   Finance & Accounting
   Other Departments


Our contact Information:  market@heliortec.com
Russian Branch:  maryushkin@heliortec.com
Italian Branch:  Rosella@heliortec.com
Indonesia Branch:  alexander@heliortec.com

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