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Battery charger

Super charger 40A

Centrio Series UPS, a high frequency and true online model technology, is based on the latest IGBT technology from HELIOR technical team. Its Motorola microprocessor can detect quickly and control accurately all movements of the UPS. The module design is to improve machine's reliability, and simplify service maintenance.

This UPS can protect your hardware and data in networks or computer systems from voltage fluctuations and power problems: power failure, frequency variations, voltage amplitude variations, spikes, noise and other transients, sags and brownouts, voltage surges, and more.

When there is no power failure, Centrio Series UPS converts the mains AC voltage into DC voltage, which supplies batteries and an inverter with energy, so as to insure the data over the entire network. Therefore, the power used by the load is the purified sine wave via regulated voltage and regulated frequency with noisy signals filtered.

When power problems occur, the batteries will deliver the necessary power to the inverter. In overload or short-circuit conditions, the UPS will automatically switches mains power directly through to the load to guarantee an un-presented level of power supply security.

If longer backup time is required, you can install a charging card, which can accept up to 9.6A charging current. It is called Extension model.

RS232 communication port is also adopted. It allows you to achieve zero-distance communication between the you and your UPS when you install our intelligent power management software.

Moreover, With full SNMP capability, the unit can let you handle remote, unmanned shutdown and restart operations.

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