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1-1 Phase UPS

Centrio Plus 6-20KVA
Key Features
Using Texas Instruments DSP processor and Motorola Microprocessor control to rise the reliability of machine, but reduce size and lower the defective rate.
Using module design to improve the reliability of the UPS, also simplify the  service maintenance. 
Digital Control Technology implements Paralleled Extendable andParalleled Redundancy Functions. N+1 Paralleled RedundancyProgram Provides You With More Reliability.
Unique maintenance bypass switch off function
Online maintenance programmed enables the maintenance to be carried out without switching off the UPS, even mains cut off during maintenance the delicate equipments will not be affected.
Using automatic Power Factor Correction (PFC) design, coupled with the latest IGBT power component, to create highly effective high-frequency online UPS, which can be more than 90% full load to minimize inside power consumption
RS-232 communication port is adopted. Connecting to our power management software, on-screen monitoring of status of power supply and UPS is available.
Use Sealed Lead-Acid maintenance-free battery maximizes battery life and optional battery bank extends backup time.
Automatic diagnostic. When the UPS is powered on, it immediately performs an inspection of the components such as the inverter the battery as well as the load
Equipped with a intelligent SNMP slot to allow remote communication among various operation systems and remote monitoring of the UPS.
Real-time alarm silencing function eliminates the unnecessary and annoying noises.
Auto restart and cold start function.
Technical Specifications

Centrio DSP Series C6K C6KS C10K C10KS 3C10KS 3C15KS 3C20KS
CAPACITY (VA/W) 6kVA/4.2kW 10kVA/7kW 15kVA/10.5kW 20kVA/14kW
INPUT Phase Single phase with ground 3 phase with ground
Voltage (176~276)VAC (304~478)VAC
Frequency (46~54)Hz
OUTPUT Voltage 220×(1±1%)VAC
Frequency (46~54)Hz (Synchronized with main input, and adjustable)(AC Mode)
50×(1±0.1%)Hz (Battery Mode)
Current Crest Ratio 3:1
Waveform Pure Sinewave
Backup time (Full Load/Half Load) >7'/20' ------ >5'/13' -------
Battery Type Valve Regulated Lead Acid ------ Valve Regulated Lead Acid ------
Extension Battery Group Rated Voltage ------- 240VDC ---- 240VDC
Transfer time 0ms
Overload ability 105%~130%10min, >130% 1min
Interface RS-232 + Intelligent Slot
Operating Environment Temperature 0℃~40℃
Humidity 20%~90%
Dimension(W×D×H)(mm×mm×mm) 260×570×717
Weight(Net)kg 90 35 93 38 39 55 55

  >>>Suitable for international EMC safety standard







             IEC62040-2: EMC output requirement for UPS(>25A) 
            * S Series represent extended backup models
            * Product specifications are subject to change without further notice
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